Empowering Female Millennial Innovators With Tribemint

BITA has been selected by Tribemint, a branding and communications agency, to be a partner at its first TribeTalk! Tribe Talks are events meant to spark meaningful conversations and ignite connections amongst female millennial innovators! BITA will be providing its one of kind handcrafted floral arrangements to the event on June 13th from 5:30pm-8:30pm. The event will take place at the General Assembly in Santa Monica (1520 2nd Street, Santa Monica, CA.) Tickets are $15 and all proceeds go to the TribeFund to support female millennial entrepreneurs. The designated speakers are the founders of Cool Haus, two inspirational and creative women who will discuss their path to success. Come join BITA and other female creative entrepenuers in supporting each other and sharing knowledge on how to build successful businesses.  For more info please go to tribemint.com by clicking here. If you can't make it to this event, stay tuned for other TribeTalks coming soon!