We are passionate designers, makers, writers and gifters.

We believe in celebrating life with creativity and inspiration.

We love to bring joy and inspiration to you and your loved ones through our meaningful, creative makings.


We Are Blooming

BITA’s paper flowers have been enjoyed at various fairs, workshops and on our online store, but as we continue to bloom we will be introducing new meaningful items for all of life’s occasions.

For this new focus, we are taking some time to go back to that raw vulnerability and calling of creating that pushed us to build BITA in the first place. We know this time is needed and will foster a new era of creativity with so much more to give to BITA to make it all that it should be. We can't wait to come back with amazing material to continue to inspire and share in the healing of creating with you. 

During this time we will be responding to inquiries periodically, but will not be doing events or selling any products in order to really focus on rebuilding those artistic ties. 

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us! Keep blooming and check in with us soon!

Projects & Praise

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MK/BITA :: Nordstrom Poketo Pop-In :: Oh Joy! :: One Kings's Lane :: Poketo ::  Shop Sweet Things :: Studio DIY :: West Elm


Our Story

A maker and a writer come together to 


Blooms In The Air (BITA) began three years ago as a petite, paper flower shop created by Ji Kim and quickly grew to spread its paper flower joy all over Los Angeles.  Leyandra Pagan and Ji met and knew together they  wanted to bring BITA to  bloom into a brand dedicated to creating meaningful home and paper goods. They also knew BITA could be  place where those who appreciated making, writing, designing and gifting as much as they do could find inspiration and share in the joy that those activities bring. They wish to bring the beauty of modern design elements, nature,  motivational writing and the quality of handmade into a brand that is unique and touching in every way. 

Ji Kim, an archi-designer by day, paper flower artist by night, is the creative, visual brain behind BITA’s one of kind designs. Creating paper flowers began when she could no longer suppress the desire to craft somethingbeautiful and meaningful with her own two hands.

Leyandra Pagan, a business analyst by day and writer by night, is the creative, verbal brain behind BITA’s powerful messages. For as long as she can remember she has been fascinated with the power of words and how they  transform our lives.



Are all of your flowers handmade?

             Yes! We take our time to craft unique and uplifting paper flowers that will last. Due to this our products may take a little longer to be completed and do require                              advance notice for larger orders. If you have any more questions about our flowers or orders look at our other FAQ or feel free to contact us on our hello page!

When will your shop reopen?

Very soon, we promise! In the meantime if you have an order request, please contact us on our hello page.

Do you have any classes or workshops?

              We love doing workshops! We typically do a few a year and will always announce them on our website and on social media.  You can also subscribe to our email list                  on our journal page for updates about workshops and other events we are doing!

Do you do custom events and orders?

               Yes! We’ve done many custom events and orders in the past. For quotes for events and orders please contact us on our hello page. Since we make all of our flowers                by hand we typically ask for orders to be placed at least 60 days in advance, especially for larger orders. We understand circumstances vary for each order so                            please consult with us for any order or event request you have.

How can I collaborate with you on a project?

               We are totally open to collaborations that are a great fit. Contact us on our hello page for potential partnership on projects!

Will you blog about my project or product?

               Send us a message on our hello page and we would be happy to consider it!

Can I use your quote for a project or post?

               We are so happy you are inspired to share our work! As with all creative creations, we ask that you give proper credit to the originator of the work. Please contact us                   for any other questions you have regarding the use of our work.

Do you sell your products wholesale?

               Absolutely. Please contact us for a quote and more information.

 Can I buy your products in any other locations?

              We have had our products carried in various locations and will announce them as they come up. You can add yourself to our email list on our journal page for these                   type of announcements and others!