lovely package exchange update

Lovingly Simple and I wrapped up our Lovely Package Exchange with great big smiles.Lovely Package Exchange held by oh hello friend was a gift exchange with the focus on packaging. It was my very first online social event I actively participated in and I feel really lucky that I was paired up with Christina. Not only did I get the "excuse" to make & pick out cute stuff, but I got introduced to Christina's beautiful blog that is full of inspiration. Her blog is just as it's called "Lovingly Simple". The colors & images are light and soft yet full of life. It's always very pleasant there. I love the regular posts titled "Currently Loving" & "Just Lovely". It feels like a visual journal of Christina, getting to know what recently captured her interests and is making her smile. She is also generous enough to share her latest discoveries and encounters of creative shops, talented designers & artists, awesome products & much more all in a lovingly simple way. I'm sure it will make it to your favorite blog list, just as it did on mine. So, be sure to check it out now... I'm sure you'll thank me later. 

Enjoy the images of the lovely packages we exchanged and be sure to look out for the next Lovely Package Exchange event. Maybe, just maybe, you and I will be lucky enough to make each other smile and feel our hearts bloom.