Dear Bloomers,

November is one of my favorite months of the year. It’s the right moment before winter when temperatures are still brisk but not freezing. The colors around us all turn into warmer reds and yellow and of course there is Thanksgiving. It’s the most celebrated holiday in my family--what I can I say--we really love food. Surrounded by so much love, food and thanks, it is typical for people to focus on gratitude during this time of year. The main items always come to mind for me: family and friends, my home, and my health. But this year for the first time, I am comfortable enough to say that I’m am grateful for myself. At first I felt a bit self-centered, but how often do we really thank ourselves? How often are we truly grateful for who we are, what we have overcome and all that we encompass? What I’ve noticed as I’ve grown older is that is so easy for us to celebrate and give love to others, but when it comes to treating ourselves to unconditional love and encouragement we often fall short . This month I hope to motivate you to take a moment to be grateful for yourself. Be grateful for all the beautiful traits you hold internally and externally, for what you love and the bravery you show in pursuing your dreams and most importantly for all the mistakes along the way that have led you to new opportunities and perspectives.

Greeting Card from  Hooray Today!

Greeting Card from Hooray Today!

With ever-blooming love,