You Are The Pen To My Journal

Great journals  can be perfect gifts for almost anyone. This month we decided to share our favorite journals that are great to keep your journaling spirit alive or to inspire almost anyone to start to unload their soul through journaling. 

The best things about journaling is that it is such an open form of expression.  Although I don't have the drawing talent, I've also fallen in love with sketch journals and they are perfect inspiration for the artist in your life.  

Guided journals and journals for short reflections are great gifts for almost anyone. Not everyone enjoys long, blank pages and these are great to spark the journaling bug for someone.

I also love journals without lines and that are decorated beautifully. It inspires me to express myself in any way: by writing, by pasting pictures or anything that comes to mind. 


There are so many journals out there that can fit anyone. Here are some of our favorite journals: