Love Letters Never Die

I am one of those people who believe that sometimes the old way is best way. In a digital age, technology’s convenience can undermine this belief for a lot of things, but when it comes to notes, handwritten ones still take the cake. A handwritten note suggests effort, thoughtfulness, and a dedication of time that is unique nowadays. As February is a month full of celebrating love, I believe one of the most romantic gestures is a handwritten love letter. The practice of writing love letters seems to be outdated and that in itself is why it is such a heartfelt thing to do, since no one expects you to do such a lovely thing! It is something that your loved one can hold on to forever to remind themselves they are loved and to even pass it on to future generations, which is a treasure in itself. Plus, how often are we really able to be silent with ourselves and write out what is it about our partner, friend or anyone that we appreciate and then be able to give it to them in a way that they can hold on to forever? These letters can mean more than anything else you can buy and should be written periodically not just for special occasions but as a tender act to let the special people in our lives that we cherish them.