Take the Leap!

This year has been one of exploration and taking leaps for BITA as we grow as artists, entrepreneurs and individuals.  Taking that leap can be the scariest thing, but I feel there is something about the unknown that is scary and beautiful all at the same time.  I'm a firm believer that humans are not designed to stay in the same place in our lives for too long. We are meant to innovate, adapt and grow. Whatever that growth means for you, we encourage you to go for it! You'd be surprised how easy it is once you get going and at all the help the universe will bring to you once you put yourself in motion toward your goal. BITA was once a far away and very scary dream for Ji and I, but the moment we decided to take the leap, things fell into place. It's not always easy along that road , but stay on your trail even it is not consistently uphill. You';; be amazed at what you learn and how you grow through the ups and down and how rewarding a new experience can be. We are excited to hear about what new leaps you are all taking this summer and wish you the best of luck!