It's been a few weeks and we hope you all had as wonderful as a holiday season as we did! 2016 is already off to a bang and we can't wait to share another year of growth and exploration with you all. We have some wonderful products and events in line for you this year!

As we were getting ready to celebrate the coming of 2016, Ji and I also wanted to start this year off with a word that would encompass all of our goals. The word Movement immediately came to mind as we thought about our journey so far and what inspires us. We know that the New Year brings excitement, but why is it that usually by now many of us have given up on the momentum we had on Jan 1st? As the excitement fades its so easy to stop, but while slowing down is ok, stopping can make it even harder to pick up again. We hope you all keep moving forward and continue on with your new year goals and we can't wait to share the fruits of our forward moving journey!

Painting by  Scott Belcastro

Painting by Scott Belcastro