We always love partnering up with Poketo to spread the joy of paper flowers.  We recently hosted another workshop with them at The Line Hotel on October 3rd and it was a blast! Our wonderful sponsor Carte Fini supplied their fantastic Italian crepe paper and  The Pot Cafe kept us full with their always delicious baked goods. Being able to share our craft this way  is one of the most rewarding parts of what we do. As we design new products we can't wait to introduce so much more into our workshops.  If you couldn't make it to this one, stay tuned for upcoming workshops and other BITA news by subscribing to our mailing list on the upper right corner of our blog page! We hope to see at the next one!

Get ready, set, craft!

Get ready, set, craft!

Each workshop attendee gets a BITA crafting  box,  a  carte fini  crepe paper swatch sheet,  yummy snacks and a paper flower guide where they can also take notes of their own!

Each workshop attendee gets a BITA crafting  box,  a carte fini crepe paper swatch sheet,  yummy snacks and a paper flower guide where they can also take notes of their own!

Delicious goodies from  POT cafe !

Delicious goodies from POT cafe!

BITA x Oh Joy! Spreading Crafting Inspiration!

It is finally here! If you haven't already checked out Oh Joy!'s fabulous new book, you definitely must! And we aren't just saying that we because we are so thrilled and grateful to be a part of it, I promise! If you need some creative, crafty and colorful inspiration for events, gifts or just for fun, this is the perfect book for you. BITA's flowers were chosen as one of the 60 fun projects Joy features, but the project's range from fashion to food to DIY! Congrats to OhJoy! on this amazing project and thank you for continuing to inspire us. We hope you all enjoy the book and continue to find new design and style inspirations this Spring! 

We Love Seed Paper!

We love paper!! All shapes, sizes, colors, weights, materials-all of it. One of my favorite types of paper to create with is seed paper. Seed paper is a hearty paper with great durability and texture. Best of all it is great for the environment and can be perfect for a symbolic gesture of anything you make it from it to be planted and grown into something amazing! Great brands like Bloomin offer printed seed paper stationery and even wedding invitations! 

Crepe Paper

β€œHow did you start making paper flowers?” β€œWhat got you started?” are one of the most asked questions when people find out that I’m the hands behind BITA. The long answer starts with the word β€œrecession”, I won’t get into that now. But the short answer is β€œEuropean Crepe Paper”. Once I started "sculpting" my petals with it, I couldn't stop.

Crepe Paper is a essentially tissue paper that is sized and then β€œcreped” (crinkled) to create gathers. It has a very distinct texture and feel. Unlike any other paper (at least the ones I know of) it can be stretched and sculpted as you see in the images below. 

European crepe papers are special because of it is so densely creped, allowing it to stretch 3 times it’s original size. When you take a workshop with me, you'll get to learn and feel the difference between all different types of crepe paper. Now, that's a fun (crafty geeky) learning experience. The ones I use most is from Italy and Germany. 

The colors of the crepe paper is still mixed by hand and fed into a machine that dyes the paper and then crinkles it. Therefore, each batch can vary slightly, which I've learned to love as well. Crepe paper is also UV ray sensitive, some colors more than others, which is was what really taught me to embrace the paper for what it is. Some colors age/fade really beautifully, loosing its original vibrance and intensity and instead start carrying its color in softer ways. However, some colors such as "sage" totally loose it's color. It actually turns brown. Which is why I now take swatches time to time and test them. Also the reason why I no longer use sage at all. I'm still sad about it. I don't think I'll ever get over that.

My "someday" visit to Italy or Germany will definitely include a visit to the factory such as the one shown here. This one is located in Italy. And of course, I'll share all the images from the visit right here on BITA blog. Until then, enjoy these images from the paper makers themselves here.

Blooming BITA

As BITA transitions into a new direction, we've been working on many new and exciting things! Ji and I have been working hard to not only design great new products but also to  find creative ways to display who BITA is as a brand.  We've learned just how important unique, cohesive and creative branding is for your business and have been working on branding that really showcases our story. Ji and I have a passion for modern design, patterns, color and the beauty of typeface and those are the four main elements we have focused on developing during our production and branding process.  We will be solidifying our branding, products other items soon and can’t wait to share them with you. Stay tuned!