artistic growth

Seattle Maker - Justine Ashbee

Dear bloomers,

Through BITA, Ji and I hope to inspire a community of constant bloomers. People who are open to new experiences and growth, that live their lives like a blank canvas, ready to be brought to life in infinite ways. We believe that being open to new paths and discoveries in your craft is a critical and beautiful part of being a creative. Our maker feature this month has an inspiring tale of transition as an artist, switching from different mediums but keeping the same esthetics of her unique work. This artist founded her first art-collective in the creative city of Seattle and she is one Ji and I’s favorites.

We first fell in love with Justine Ashbee’s paint pen illustrations that have so much life wrapped in them. Her lines and patterns feel like textiles blowing in the wind that hypnotically twist, turn and pulsate through you.  Her work has stunningly evolved as she brings us this same textured, flowing technique in her breathtaking Native American inspired weavings, which you can see here at Native Line. Justine has said it best herself β€œI felt like I’d finally come home,” she says. β€œThe drawings I was doing, I realized, were illustrations of my weavings” (One Kings Lane). Justine proves that new directions and  elements, although challenging at first, maybe just like finding a new home for your creative calling. We are so happy Justine  found her creative place and can’t wait to see more of her new work!


With ever-blooming love,