crafty adventure

Using my hands to create something beautiful fulfills a part of my heart & soul nothing else can. I grew up dreaming to be an artist and only to be an artist. My favorite childhood activity was always drawing and coloring. I fell in love with architecture because of drafting (by hand) and committed to my marriage with architecture because of my lust for model making. Now, I sustain my drive for architecture with the simple joy of crafting. I still love architecture, but because for anything and everything in architecture takes sooooo long to become tangible... I craft as a reminder, to myself, that I am a creative being. And with anything I love, I consistently look for new adventures in it. Whether it's a new tool or particular material, I can't help but walk into new crafty adventures. My latest adventure is embroidery. This phrase "drawing and coloring with thread" is what got be excited. I took a Creative Bug Embroidery Workshop by Rebecca Ringquist. It's so much easier than I ever expected and Rebecca is totally informative and inspiring. Here is the progress of my adventure.