Gifting Inspiration For The New Year

There is always something great about starting off the New Year with inspiring words and images to guide you daily. I find opening a new calendar and seeing all the days available to achieve, grow and experience  so therapeutic. I am definitely a planner, and inspirational calendars bridge my need for scheduling and visual inspirational.  Nowadays you can find inspirational calendars for almost any interest or focus. They make fantastic gifts for anyone, especially yourself! My favorite part of inspirational calendars is being able to reuse them in extremely creative ways. Share the gift of inspiration and creativity with two of my favorite 2015 calendars below!

1Canoe2's  handdrawn Great American Authors letterpress calendar features quotes from famous novels and amazing silhouette illustrations. I just love the colors and patterns they used! This is a perfect calendar for the writer or avid reader in your life. 

There is nothing I love more than motivational quotes. This calendar by Graphique holds truly inspirational words for anyone and the simple drawing and bright colors are a great touch to such powerful words.