Don't Lose Sight Of The Poetry In Life

Before I joined forces with Ji for BITA, I would often feel that life was just an expansive routine as we wait for the major milestones society tells us to live for. The diploma, the job promotion, the marriage, the 30th then 40th then 50th birthday and so on.  What if we lived for the beauty in our life that is bigger than we see in front of us all the time? We forget to look up, down and around us and there is so much more to celebrate on a daily basis.

Flowers, nature and pondering the deeper meanings on what this life is and means, along with my passion for putting that into writing and sharing it with you all, is what puts the poetry and beauty in life for me daily. 

What about you? What moments do you have during the day that allow you to reflect on how beautiful and poetic your life is, no matter what is going on. Maybe you've lost sight of what that is and I urge you to reclaim it, even if it is little by little, day by day.  If you have it already , I urge you to share it with others to spread happiness and encourage self reflection.

The existence of each of us is poetic and the different things that remind us of that is what makes humanity so amazing. Celebrate your differences and your interests. Celebrate the world around you. Find what you love and puts beauty in your world, fight for it, nourish it and share it with all of us. We can't wait to hear about it. We can't wait to cherish the poem that is you. 

painting by  Clare Elsaesser

painting by Clare Elsaesser

With ever-blooming love,